I've had a number of housekeepers over the years and as a new mom had decided I'd never find someone who cleaned the house to the level of my very high expectations until I met Cindi and her team. From the baseboards to the rafters, my house is spotless and I don't ever have to worry about making lists or checking to make sure they've cleaned everything. I trust the Maid in the OC team so much that they have a key to my house so I don't even have to be home when they clean. I have also used their home organization services and have been amazed at the fantastic quality of the work. It is such a relief to have our home so clean and organized. I can't recommend Maid in the OC enough!
Megan L (Current Client) Mission Viejo, CA
Maid in the O.C. Is fantastic! She is fast and extremely  I love the way they do my floors. When I walk in the house after they have  been here, it looks like the good fairy has been here doing her magic. Not only does everything look sparkling clean but it smells good too. I would really hate to do without her, she makes my life so much easier. I have had other maids before but they are the best by far.
Kathe R (Current Client) Laguna Niguel, CA
Maid In The OC has worked for me for over 3 years and they have become an integral part of our home management efforts.  They have helped with many duties to include general house cleaning, move in move out cleaning, organizing my whole kitchen, closets as well as pet sitting.  They have consistantly demonstrated professionalism and honesty. They have been extremly flexible and able to adapt to our family needs and schedule. I value they're efficiency and attention to detail in all they do. For all of these valued qulaities, I would highly recomend them for any home they desire to work in.
Renee B (Current Client) Nellie Gail Ranch, CA
Maid in the O.C is fantastic! They are fast and extremely thorough, They don't miss a thing. I would really hate to do without them. they have made my life so much easier.
Per R (Current Client ) Laguna Niguel., CA
 "Made in the OC" does the hard work the right way.  She is meticulous and thorough as she cleans every part of your home without missing or leaving anything out.  She has cleaned for us for over five years and we have always been satisfied with the job she does and have referred her to our family and friends.  She is trustworthy and honest and we have never been anything but impressed with her work.  We only wish she would move south with us so that we could continue to have her clean our house.
Carter H (Past Client) Carlsbad, CA
Before I found Maid In The OC, I couldn't find any evidence of them being there with the exception of the blue water in the toilet. Now when I come home everything looks great and the smells are wonderful.
Anita R (Current Client) Mission Viejo, CA
I had hired a cleaning company to come and clean my very small apartment and they were in and out very fast but the dust was still there, it didn't look like anyone had cleaned at all. Since I have been using Maid In The OC my apartment smells and looks great each time they come. They have also organized my shelves in my kitchen so I can actually find things now.
Elaine S (Current Client) Laguna Niguel, CA
I love Maid In The OC, they have done many things from organizing my garage to decoroating for Christmas. They host my Christmas party each year and keep my house sparkeling clean.
Judy J (Current Client) Lake Forest, CA